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Pharmaceutical and Food Industry

Complete solutions for the pharmaceutical and food processing industries

At companies where pharmaceutical products or foodstuffs are produced, the floor is always one functional component of the complex technical system. Legal regulations for occupational safety and hygiene have to be observed as well as GMP guidelines and production technical demands.

The sum of these general conditions circumscribes the requirements list for the technical execution of the production process. The flawless interplay of building construction, flooring configuration and plant-technical execution results in a solution that allows for the best implementation of each actual project. STEULER-KCH develops and manufactures material systems for the pharmaceutical and food production industries and applies them using its own, specially trained specialist staff.

The advantage: Complete services from one competent source.

  • Special, anti-microbial formulations, physiologically harmless
  • Microorganisms cannot survive on the surface of the applied systems
  • Floor toppings with either smooth or anti-slip surface, in one colour or with Colorite silica sand decor
  • Artificial resin screeds
  • Sealants for floors, walls and ceilings, colourless or in one colour
  • Coating system for walls and ceilings
  • Jointing system for tiles