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Pickling Tanks and Plants

STEULER-KCH has been a specialist for building tanks, tubs and plant components out of thermoplastics for many years now, offering the construction of both round and rectangular tanks in any size and dimension. Construction is carried out on the basis of DVS 2205 and AD 2000 Leaflets.

STEULER-KCH tanks and components are used in:

  • the chemical industry
  • pickling and regeneration technology
  • the non-ferrous metal industry
  • the energy generation industry
  • the pickling industry
  • metal refining
  • the gold and silver industries
  • ventilation technology
  • sewer technology

Round tanks can be built with either a single wall or multiple walls. Rectangular tanks are made with either bay (or yoke), peripheral or cross ribbing. The reinforcements are made of sectional steel or thermoplastic materials, the sectional steel profiles usually being encased in thermoplastic sheeting to protect them from corrosion.

We offer our clients consulting on selecting materials and take over complete design and dimensioning of tanks and equipment. The components are assembled and all the piping for both tanks and equipment is done by our experienced expert installers.

The competency of STEULER-KCH lies not only the new construction of pickling plants but also in the repair and modification of existing plants.