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Flue Gas Purification

Nozzle arrays and linings made of polypropylene in concrete flue-gas scrubbers / gas scrubbers / bio scrubbers

To meet the great chemical, thermal and mechanical loads, STEULER-KCH manufactures large-scale nozzle arrays entirely from polypropylene. No further protection, such as that required for steel or glassfibre reinforced plastic, is needed. Because of polypropylene's smooth, anti-adhesive surface, there is no caking or incrustation. Any damage from media absorption or the formation of deposits can also be ruled out. In addition, polypropylene's high degree of resistance to wear and tear can also be clearly demonstrated using a variety of different tests.

Concrete scrubber structures lined with polypropylene

The particularly high degree of resistance to abrasion offered by thermoplastic polypropylene means that this high-impact material from STEULER-KCH can also be used as mechanically anchored corrosion protection in concrete scrubber structures. The Bekaplast™ lining is made up of large-scale thermoplastic sheets from 5 to 8 mm thick. Thicknesses of up to 20 mm can also be manufactured for particularly large mechanical loads.

The sheets come with conical knobs on the back that create a firm positive bond between the thermoplastic lining and the concrete structure. Before the concrete is cast, these sheets are mounted onto interior formwork, then cast into the concrete and, after the concrete has set, welded gas and water-tight. This creates a homogeneous and testable lining around the entire space.

The concrete structure and the lining are manufactured in one work step, resulting in considerable time advantages. The entire structure can be exposed to load and then commissioned for operation as soon as the welded seams are finished.

For particularly high safety and security requirements, STEULER-KCH also offers the double wall system Bekaplast™ LS and Bekaplast™ DWS. This system allows for leak warning and location without exposing the basic structural material concrete under load.