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Power Plants

Complete corrosion protection solutions for power plants

Industrial corrosion protection for power plants primarily means that plant availability and operational safety must be secured over the long term. Innovative material developments and lining technologies, long years of experience and assured project execution have turned STEULER-KCH into one of the leading suppliers of corrosion protection to the energy utility sector as well.

STEULER-KCH delivers complete corrosion protection systems for bituminous coal, lignite and heavy oil power plants, hydroelectric plants and nuclear power stations.

  • Mechanically anchored polypropylene lining (Bekaplast™ system and nozzle levels made of polypropylene in flue gas desulphurisation plants
  • Bekaplast™ PE 1000 coal bunker lining mechanically anchored in the concrete
  • GRP piping with chemically protective lining or thermoplastic inliner

Complete corrosion protection solutions in all areas of power plants

Furthermore, STEULER-KCH delivers and installs corrosion protection linings such as rubber linings, topping systems and masonry for steel and concrete substrates, thermoplastic linings and also plant, piping and components made of thermoplastics and duroplastics for all parts of a power plant, such as

  • boiler house, machine room, water treatment plant
  • operational surfaces and chemical storage area base don the German Water Management Act
  • clean gas ducts, raw gas ducts and heat exchangers
  • tanks and trenches
  • refractory linings and polymer linings in chimneys