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Roof and Wall Constructions

STEULER-KCH specialises in anchoring systems for walls and ceilings

Anchoring brick

STEULER-KCH develops and produces anchoring brick for suspended ceilings, ceiling boxes and walls for the anchoring of monolithic materials. Anchors must be used to secure monolithic delivery system components depending on their dimensions and arrangement. The anchors are part of the refractory lining and attach it to the steel structure. The individually anchored elements can be replaced as necessary without threatening the integrity of the adjacent lining. STEULER-KCH anchoring bricks are suitable for use wherever metal anchoring systems cannot be used due to high temperature loading or strong chemical attack from the combustion atmosphere.

The ceramic anchoring brick is anchored to the steel structure by means of holding clamps, hangers or threaded retainers which are matched to the product and the application case.

The type and geometry of the anchor selected depends on many factors:

  • Application temperature, service temperature
  • Quality of the monolithic materials
  • Wear profile of the uni
  • Furnace chamber atmosphere
  • Thermodynamic calculations

Together with our customers we select just the right system for their particular unit from the broad spectrum of material qualities and formats. STEULER-KCH anchoring bricks are used in a wide range of applications - from the iron and steel industry and non-ferrous metallurgy to the chemical industry to hazardous waste incinerators.

The essential benefits:

  • High holding and load-bearing force, even with temperatures up to 1700 °C
  • Good mechanical properties at high temperature, good volumetric stability and good resistance to temperature changes
  • Easy installation of anchoring bricks by means of clamps, hangers or retainers attached to the steel structure or exterior wall
  • Corrugated geometry for enhanced bond with monolithic materials
  • The head of the anchoring brick is designed in a way that makes it possible to transmit large holding forces securely
  • Range of products adapted for specific application cases

Special material qualities and formats for different application cases

STEULER-KCH FE fastening and expansion joint systems

Nearly all refractory brickwork requires expansion joints in order to compensate for stresses incurred while heating up and cooling down. STEULER-KCH develops and produces FE fastening and expansion joint systems in different dimensions and qualities for many types of furnaces.

Distance and thickness of the expansion joints must be adapted to the specific expansion characteristics of the materials to be used and to the operating conditions in the furnace.

STEULER-KCH offers a wide range of fastening and expansion joint bricks in different geometries and types. The standardised fastening and expansion joint bricks range from protective refractory brickwork with a wall thickness of the 114 mm to lining thicknesses of up to 250 mm. Other wall thickness can also be provided on request.

Here too, the type and geometry selected depend on the specific requirements of the furnace system being lined. The pair of interlocking bricks is fastened to the steel structure and/or to the sheet steel jacket by means of a cast or steel anchor which bonds the brickwork with the steel.