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Cement, Paper and Cellulose Industry

Refractory Systems for Rotary Lime Kilns

STEULER-KCH is one of the most innovative suppliers and a market leader in the field of refractory systems worldwide. In partnership with Andritz Pulp & Paper we offer complete refractory lining systems of rotary lime kilns for the Pulp and Paper mills.

Improving the life time of your refractory lining and minimizing shut-down times of your kiln is our most important target. STEULER-KCH is supplying the whole range of refractory materials for rotary lime kilns such as high alumina and fire clay bricks, diatomite and lightweight fireclay bricks, castables, anchors and accessories.

Our exceptionally wide range of andalusite based high-alumina bricks allow us to choose always the right material for our customer’s individual demands in the highest stressed zones of the kiln. As insulation layer we are providing prefired special lightweight fireclay bricks which are optimized to withstand temperature peaks as burning zone insulation and high mechanical loads as overall insulation in kilns with large diameters.

Our in-house research and development and laboratory are always ready to support our customers with special services like brick crucible tests with customers lime mud as well as brick failure analysis. Customized refractory design is carried out by our own engineering department by most modern CAD-engineering. This for example includes construction drawings, installation recommendations, heat-transition calculations and heating-up recommendations. We are installing and supervising refractory installations worldwide. Our customer can choose between complete installation services and just supervision.

For kiln shell or cooler replacements STEULER-KCH may install - and if required dry-out - the refractory lining already before the new section is lifted into its final position. This will significantly save shut-down time of the lime kiln.

If required special installation tools like bricking rig, saws and mixers for the continuous maintenance STEULER-KCH would be pleased to supply them as well.

Continuous technical support on site and in short-term will always be provided by our research and development, engineering and project management specialists.

Choosing STEULER-KCH as your partner for refractory systems means an investment in improved performance of your refractory lining.