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Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Refractory linings in the Chemical Industry

For the chemical industry, STEULER-KCH supplies products for thermal processing units, treatment plants, incinerators and waste disposal facilities. Depending on the specific loading conditions, the appropriate lining materials are used in rotary tube furnaces and in sulphur and thermal oxidation units for residual liquids and gases. Qualities based on bauxite, andalusite, chromium-andalusite, corundum or chromium-corundum serve as wear materials.

Claus plants

Claus plants are used for the industrial recovery of sulphur from sulphur hydroxides found in the flue gases generated while processing coal into coke. Claus plants are also used in the desulphurisation of crude oil in refineries.

For the lining of a Claus furnace, the specially developed refractory ceramics supplied have to withstand different conditions depending on how they are installed in the furnace unit. Low-iron fireclay and andalusite are used here - and under extreme loadings also corundum grades.

Combination linings and newly developed checkerwalls (which require sophisticated manufacturing processes) in a modular system for the catalyser filler area offer customers a high degree of flexibility in terms of the size and design of a plant. Standardised formats from STEULER-KCH in combination with a modern design are additional arguments for a cost-effective solution.

  • Refractory linings in sulphur combustion furnaces
  • Refractory linings in recycling plants
  • Refractory linings in carbon black reactors
  • Refractory linings in titanium oxide production plants

Pox reactors

The processing plants used in the petrochemical industry, such as primary and secondary reformers, cracking furnaces and POX reactors are subject to an extremely wide range of loading conditions and therefore also require different refractory materials.

These include complete fibre linings, combination linings with formed materials, and pure, high-quality speciality products made of synthetic corundum materials with an Al²O³ content of more than 99 %. In combination with similarly high-quality insulation materials based on hollow bead corundum and very sophisticated engineering, STEULER-KCH offers complete concepts from a single source.

STEULER-KCH as specialist for high-temperature linings for up to 2000 °C

Carbon Black Reactors

In the production of carbon black, process reactor temperatures of up to 2000°C are reached. This can only be achieved using specially developed high-temperature ceramics. And high temperatures are not the only challenge. Other conditions such as temperature changes, different atmospheres and extreme flow rates with changing pressures subject refractory materials to extremely high stresses. These processes use materials based on corundum and mullite, which have been especially developed to withstand these stresses.

In collaboration with the plant operators, there is continuous optimisation and further development in this area. Special manufacturing processes and the design of special formats - appropriately complemented by standard products - provide a high level of wear protection, thereby extending service life.

Refractory engineering and material supply from a single source

From research and development to engineering to the company‘s own production and installation services, STEULER-KCH offers specific refractory solutions.

In our laboratories we develop reliable materials and test them according to the internationally applicable standards. Based on the relevant process conditions, we develop detailed lining concepts and refractory designs.

Our own production facilities and qualified specialists in the area of mould construction and manufacturing enable us to maintain extremely versatile operations. From individual shaped bricks to complete linings, we produce according to your requirements.

Trained STEULER-KCH supervisors lead the entire process at the construction site and ensure proper installation monitoring. This also assures the qualified implementation of our refractory solutions.