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System BEKAPLAST™ - Mechanically anchored lining systems
for the highest requirements

The ideal combination of stability, safety and resistance

The exceptional feature of the BEKAPLAST™ System is the anchor system on the back of the sheet, with special studs increasing in size in a conical shape. They create a mechanical bond between the thermoplastic lining and the concrete, and additionally prevent differential expansion. BEKAPLAST™ can be repaired repeatedly, ensures high impact durability, and is resistant even to biogenic corrosion, high and low temperatures and thermal shock.

BEKAPLAST™ has been successful on the market for over 40 years. From problem solutions in the chemical industry and municipal sewage systems, whether it be new installation or repair of tank or shaft linings through to tank construction – potential BEKAPLAST™ applications are as diverse as today’s demands on modern, future oriented lining technology.

A great variety of material quality standards is available.

BEKAPLAST™ HDPE: This polyethylene material is resistant to a wide range of acid and alkaline solutions. BEKAPLAST™ HDPE can be supplied as an electrically conductible material and is environmentally safe.

BEKAPLAST™ PP: This material is a highly heat-stabilised polypropylene in accordance with DIN 16971. One of the remarkable features of this material is its resistance to aqueous saline solutions, alkalis and acids. BEKAPLAST™ PP is temperature-resistant up to a permanent temperature of nearly 90 °C.

BEKAPLAST™ PVDF: The material with the highest chemical and permeation resistance based on Polyvinyliodenefluorid is used especially when chlorinated hydrocarbons are present.

BEKAPLAST™ PVC: The high impact durable material also offers extreme chemical resistance and a high level of stiffness.

A variety of STEULER-KCH systems are available:


BEKAPLAST™ For sewage, reaction and processing tanks and towers, highly loaded channels in chemical plants, ventilation systems, municipal sewage systems, electrolysis cells, lignite coal bunkers and pipes. There is a Certificate from the DIBt, the German Institute for Civil Engineering, available for uses in storage, filling and transhipment facilities.


BEKAPLAST DWS/LS™ Double-wall lining with pre-defined leakage gap to collect and display leaking fluids. Areas of use include concrete tanks that have to be monitored for tightness.


BEKAPLAST LINING 400™ Municipal sewage systems, shafts and tanks in sewage plants, channel pipes, etc.


BEKAPLAST BOLTED LINING™ Especially well-suited for retrofitting linings and for re-lining procedures. It is very well suited for lining steel tanks and concrete structures. It is not necessary to remove the old coating or lining.


BEKAPLAST AQUA-LINING 400 Permanent protection for potable water tanks.