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Wet electrostatic filter and casing

Wet electrostatic filters are used wherever aerosol/solid mixtures have to be separated out of emission gases with a high degree of effectiveness. Particularly for the separation of acid vapours, aerosols, fine particulates, resin vapours, paint vapours, oil mists and odours, the wet electrostatic filters in use today offer a high cost/benefit effect.

The primary area for using tube bundles from STEULER-KCH can be found in nonferrous metal works, power plants, waste incinerators and chemical plants. The advantages of STEULER-KCH's tube bundles are, on the one hand, their modular construction based on a flexible building-block system and the use of polypropylene (PP) tubing with specified properties and, on the other, a special grounding system that meets the highest safety and security standards.

Tube bundles with greater tube diameters

Cost pressures have also made themselves felt in wet electrostatic filters. One cost advantage offered by wet electrostatic filter equipment is electrodes manufactured of leaded steel or highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel. When tubing diameters are wider, fewer electrodes are needed to achieve the same performance levels. Filters with larger tubing dimensions have been provided until now with tubular steel structures, a method of construction STEULER-KCH has transferred to plastic tube bundles.