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KERAVERIN® is a composite material made from fiber-reinforced unsaturated polyester or vinylester resins with thermoplastic inner liner. The liner can be manufactured from various materials to match specific chemical stresses.

Piping is manufactured pipe type B in accordance with the standard DIN 16965 part 2, or to customers‘ own specifications.


KERAPOLIN® is a resistant composite material made of a chemical-resistant layer and a load-bearing laminate based on fiber glassreinforced unsaturated polyester and vinylester resins. The choice of reactive resins used depends on requirements and operating conditions.

KERAPOLIN® is resistant to acids, alkalis and various solvents. Special antistatic or flame-retardant variants are also available.

Manufacture of KERAPOLIN® piping systems is generally carried out in compliance with the standard DIN 16965 part 4, resulting in pipe type D as per the standard but may also be made in accordance with customers‘ own specifications.


ALPHACOR® is a special laminate grade featuring a thicker chemical-resistant layer and structural reinforcement, notably by glass fibermatting. The glass fiber content is around 35 %. The choice of resins used depends on the operating conditions. Owing to the special resin formulation used, ALPHACOR® products are particularly suitable for piping used in chlor-alkali electrolysis processes. They are manufactured as pipe type E as per the standard DIN 16965 part 5 or in accordance with customers‘ own specifications.