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Plastic tanks, vessels, apparatuses and piping systems for extreme conditions

Demands made on chemical Plants

Equipment and piping systems in chemical plants are exposed to extreme process-induced stresses. Aggressive media, pressure differences and marked changes in temperature require corrosion protection systems that combine high chemical resistance, good mechanical strength and high thermal stability to ensure permanently reliable plant operation.

Weakness of conventional systems

Conventional metal components often fail to meet expectations for lasting reliability. The flange joints in glass- or PTFE-lined steel pipes, for instance, are familiar weak points that require a high level of maintenance work. Permeation of media through the PTFE liner and the associated corrosion of the steel shell are often unavoidable. The so-called “loose” PTFE lining of the steel pipes is the reason why such systems have only limited vacuum tightness. Impact strength in glasslined steel pipes in particular fails to meet expectations. Owing to their high costs, pipework systems in exotic metals are used only for special applications.

Example applications:

  • Acid concentration plant
  • Phosphoric acid plants
  • Sulphuric acid plants
  • Hydrochloric acid plants
  • Chemicals for electronics
  • Monochloric acetic acid plant
  • Environmental protection plants
  • Electrolysing plant
  • Fertiliser industry

Product range:

  • Pipes
  • Process equipment
  • Storage tanks
  • Exchange towers and reaction columns
  • Special designs