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With BEKAPLAST BOLTED LINING™, STEULER-KCH offers a safe thermoplastic lining that can also be retrofitted onto tanks, components or channels by bolting it in place. Plastic and concrete or steel expand quite differently when temperatures fluctuate. Simply bolting causes high surface pressures to develop in the fastening of the lining which can cause the plastic to develop indentations, and over time this can even lead to material failure and the thermoplastic lining tearing off.

BEKAPLAST BOLTED LINING™ is based on a systematic solution that safely keeps surface pressures at the fastening points of the thermoplastic material from becoming too high. A secure lining on existing concrete structures was only possible until now by employing complicated shuttering work and facing concrete. With BEKAPLAST BOLTED LINING™, all this shuttering and facing concrete is no longer necessary, resulting in cost advantages and innovative planning alternatives.

The secure thermoplastic lining for steel components and tanks

Perhaps of greatest significance is the opportunity to mount the BEKAPLAST BOLTED LINING™ in steel plate components or tanks. With BEKAPLAST BOLTED LINING™, a leakproof thermoplastic tank is built inside the load-bearing steel plate tank. The definitive gap remaining between the plastic lining and the steel can serve as spacing or as a monitoring space. Due to the excellent properties of the highly chemically resistant thermoplastic material, it can also be used to line steel components in plant construction, chemical or sewage technology.