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The idea was as simple as it was ingenious: Create a bond between concrete – an extremely solid structural material but with poor chemical properties – and plastic – a material with high chemical resistance values but not very good static properties.

BEKAPLAST LINING 400™ is a polyethylene plastic with high density (HDPE). One side of the plastic sheeting is provided with conical anchoring knobs that create a positive bond with the concrete. This type of bond between plastic and concrete assures excellent resistance to temperature-induced deformations.

  • Mechanical bond between concrete and plastic lining
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals
  • Highly impact resistance and resistant to mechanical loads, can be welded gas and watertight
  • Bridges cracks in the concrete
  • Smooth, anti-adhesive inner surface with little friction, prevents incrustations
  • Physiologically tolerable lining material, thus suitable for use with drinking water
  • Can be tested repeatedly for gas and water tightness, easy to repair
  • Easy to handle, simple to install