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BEKAPLAST DWS™ Double Wall System

In the waste water zones of industrial and municipal facilities, there are a number of different catchment and accumulation trenches, piping and connection shafts under floors that serve to capture liquids hazardous to water quality. In the wake of tighter environmental protection standards, a demand has also been made for linings that make it possible to constantly check on the leak-proof status of the system. Subterranean tanks are usually no longer accessible from outside and thus can no longer be inspected visually. Any leaks that might occur have to be detectable automatically and then repaired before waterways can be contaminated or substances enter the surrounding soil.

The system consists of one thermoplastic sheet, thicker and facing the medium, which is tightly welded to a second one behind it to create a double sheet. The double wall that results is then cast into the concrete over anchoring knobs to create a sort of lost shuttering, which is then welded in the joints. Seen in terms of statics, the complete lining is thus part of the concrete structure. This is the prerequisite for reliable durability under a variety of different operational conditions and loads. BEKAPLAST-DWS™ fulfils the safety-technical requirements for subterranean concrete tanks, channels, catchment trenches and similar structures. Applications above ground are tanks in which leaks caused by mechanical loads cannot be ruled out, for instance in pickling tanks or stirrers in the chemical or metallurgical industry.

  • Primary and secondary linings are tightly welded together.
  • Permanent control of the leak-proof status.
  • Resistant to moisture ingression from outside.
  • Monitoring gap can be rinsed clean again after possible flooding or silting.
  • Matching material qualities, e.g. for UV resistance, electrical conductivity and physiological tolerance, are available.

BEKAPLAST LS™ with leak testing

In many applications, there is demand that subterranean tanks can be checked and repaired constantly. The BEKAPLAST LS™ system meets this demand. It is quite similar to the BEKAPLAST-DWS™ Double Wall System but the thicker sheet is not tightly welded to the second one facing the concrete. The gap between the two BEKAPLAST™ sheets serves as the monitoring space.