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ANTIKOR® Step Irons

ANTIKOR® for safe access

ANTIKOR® Step irons – millionfold proven for decades, solid, safe to step on and sealed all around.

ANTIKOR® Step irons made from steel or rustproof stainless steel offer an essential advantage: they are hermitically sealed all around. The polyethylene liner that is safe to step and grip on protects the metal core from aggressive media in hoppers, pits, sewage plants etc. The anchoring points are attached in a friction-locked manner and are connected to the PE liner. They ensure that the step iron firmly clings to both, the drill hole and concrete.

ANTIKOR® Step cases

ANTIKOR® Step cases are manufactured from polyethylene in an injection moulding process and are reinforced by external ribs that ensure a permanent and firm connection with the pit wall. The material used for our step cases also exhibits an outstanding resistance to twisting and corrosion load and the wall thickness exceeding 3 mm offers excellent stability.

ANTIKOR® Access facilities

The access facility system consists of a fastening sleeve and a grip bar with T-handle that is inserted into the sleeve. All components – including anchor bolt system – are manufactured from stainless steel.

ANTIKOR® Step irons:

Type II D/60, Shape A – Steel/PE acc. DIN V 19555
Type II D/60, Shape A – Stainless steel/PE acc. DIN V 19555
Type II D-S/20/98, Shape B – Steel/PE acc. DIN V 19555
for installation by either anchor bolts or concrete embedding

Step cases from PE with/without handle

Access facilities from stainless steel with anchor bolt set

ANTIKOR® Step irons / cases and access facilities comply with all relevant regulations.