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With BEKASTEEL, STEULER-KCH extends its mechanically anchored lining systems to include a chemically resistant stainless steel lining. Thanks to technology which has long proven itself in practice and decades of experience with a wide variety of lining systems, BEKASTEEL from STEULER-KCH can be used for new facilities, as well as for renovation of existing plants and buildings. It is designed on a system basis and is therefore extremely flexible. Its main areas of applications are for safe lining of discharge and collection basins as well as protection for storage tanks and collection pits as well as the channels in chemical plants, which are subject to severe chemical exposure.

Benefits of BEKASTEEL:

  • Strong and permanently safe connection between concrete and BEKASTEEL lining (approximately 36 anchoring lugs/m²), with the system suitable for high temperatures and temperature fluctuations
  • The lining system has high mechanical and chemical resistance for both smooth and non-adhesive surface and in non-slip versions (R 11 – R 13)
  • Rapid assembly is possible thanks to pre-fabrication of components
  • Usable in ceiling areas
  • Safe coverage of cracked foundations
  • Tightness testing via FE method, as per DIN EN 571/11
  • Highly suitable for explosion risk areas (electrostatic discharge capacity)

STEULER-KCH is a proven specialist in the renovation of existing plant using BEKASTEEL as it is with its other products, not least because BEKASTEEL can also be installed on top of existing linings. Without the need to remove old linings, much time and money can be saved during renovation projects. The investment pays for itself by means of the shorter downtimes and rapid renewal of plant availability. It is also possible to improve plant safety if required by means of permanent leak monitoring, e.g. in a pump sump.

We can provide support for your project from planning, selection of suitable materials, and installation right up to the final handover.

STEULER-KCH develops custom-made solutions for the protection of surfaces in plants and buildings. STEULER-KCH offers complete solutions from a single source, including research and development, consultation, design, installation, servicing and monitoring. We work with customers to select the most technically logical and economical suitable materials from our wide range. This means that our customers only need to contact a single partner for practically any area of their plant and any of their needs. This leads to higher efficiency and safety during project processing.

BEKASTEEL is available with a wide range of surface finishes and steel qualities (e.g. 1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4462, 1.4539), chosen to suit your specific application.