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Tile Linings

With acid-proof ceramic tiles and bricks as well as carbon materials in both standard and special formats combined mortar and grout based on synthetic resins and potassium silicate materials from STEULER-KCH high-quality combined flooring and tiling systems are produced.

Ceramic tiles systems from STEULER-KCH feature low open porosity and high chemical resistance. The high mechanical stability and good anti-abrasive properties offer safe protection for sealing layers when used on floors or areas subject to abrasion. Technically expert service also includes proper design of detailed items in the installation such as connection to stainless steel components such as gutters and drains or wall connections.

Traffic with high loads, scratching in the prouction or during maintenance - STEULER-KCH industrial floorings securely handles all such stresses. Such special surface features as evenness and anti-skid properties improve operations and increase occupational safety.

Tiling in the pharmaceuticals and food industries

In companies making pharmaceutical products or food, the floor is always a functional component of what is a complex technical system. It is equally important that legal stipulations for work safety and hygiene are observed as well as the good manufacturing practice guidelines and technical production requirements. Ceramic coverings such as tiles are the first choice for protection against severe stresses. Two factors are especially important for proper installation: the tiles laid and the grouting used must be made of resistant materials. Underneath the ceramics, there must also be a resistant sealing layer to protect the underlying structure.

This prevents media penetrating into the substrate and damaging the structure over the long term. When there are no damaged areas, there are also no problem zones in terms of hygiene.